Intelligence for Your Life w/John Tesh (Monday-Friday, 7pm-12pm)

Intelligence for Your Life

Already a figure in TV and the music industry, Tesh branched out to another medium, radio. He started “The John Tesh Radio Show” in 2003 and has since become one of the most listened-to voices on the air. The show recently won a Radio Ink magazine’s Reader’s Poll for “Favorite Syndicated Radio personality” and airs on about 280 stations nationwide.

“This show was created for my wife, (actress Connie Sellecca). She’s one of those people where, you look at her side of the bed and see six issues of Prevention magazine and five months of Oprah magazine . . . she never has time to read any of that stuff. I wanted to serve her and everyone like her. I wanted to create a radio program with purpose, a show that moves people forward in their life.” John Tesh.